1. Why don’t you offer online ordering?
  2. How quick can I get my order?
  3. Why is there a minimum quantity to order?
  4. What’s with the set-ups?
  5. How much time should I allow for my order to deliver?
  6. Can I get samples?
  7. Why is shipping so expensive?
  8. How many different decorating methods are there?
  9. What if an order delivers and it’s wrong?
  10. What does PMS and EPS mean?

Why don’t you offer online ordering?

We believe in the value of a human relationship.  We offer online shopping with over 300,000 products to search on our site.  You can still email us your inquiry on products when you see things that interest you.  However, when it’s time to order we want to talk to you.  When we understand your whole project and what our piece is, we are able to serve you better.  

How quick can I get my order?

We have many products that we offer a 24 hour rush turnaround.  We work with so many different factories that the production time varies from one to another.  This is another reason we like to work directly with you instead of just online ordering.  We have amazing relationships with many of our factories and can often times get things accomplished that otherwise would not happen if we weren’t clear about your needs.  We care about your event as much as you do!  

Why is there a minimum quantity to order?

It’s really about economics.  The amount of time it takes to print verses the amount of time to set up to do the work.  What is the minimum we can decorate and still be profitable?  That is why the minimum varies from one item to the next.  If it costs more to do the work than the profit made, it’s not good business to do the job.  Our partner factories decide what their minimums are for each product, which is why they can be different if you are looking at 3 different, but similar items.

What’s with the set-ups?

Similar to the minimum quantity, the set-ups are along the same thought process.  It takes the same amount of time to set up for decorating 50 units as it takes to set up for 5,000 units.  The process is the same.  Therefore, the cost of that time is determined by our factories.  There are many times we waive your set up fees due to our relationship with our factory.  So the setups costs are to cover the expenses of labor & materials to prep the machines to decorate your products.  

How much time should I allow for my order to deliver?

There are times when we can do rush orders, but let’s face it, that’s stressful and nobody enjoys the anxiety of waiting to see if everything will be delivered on time by UPS!  The “typical” turnaround in our world is 7-10 working days AFTER the proof is approved and does not include transit time.  We are always willing to do a planning session with you so we can stay ahead of your event calendar.  If you are looking to do a custom design and we’re going overseas, that timeline ranges from 6 weeks to 14 weeks, depending on the product.  As you can see, allowing plenty of time to find just the right products for your event ensures we get exactly what works and will give you the best ROO!

Can I get samples?

Yes!  We recommend always getting samples to ensure you see the quality/color/size of the products.  Most of the time, we don’t charge for the samples if you provide your shipper number.  There are times when a client goes a little overboard with their sample requests.  We recommend requesting samples after you’ve narrowed down your options to your top 2-3. 

Why is shipping so expensive?

That is a great question!  We pass our shipping costs straight through to the client.  It’s not a profit center for us.  There are many different factors like weight/dimensions/transit that determine the shipping fees.  Obviously shipping ceramic mugs is going to be expensive in comparison to shipping ink pens, right?  If you have a UPS or FedEx number and you want use it for shipping your order, just let us know.  As long as the factory is willing, so are we!

How many different decorating methods are there?

Technology has come so far in our industry and there are SO many different ways to express your brand on promotional products!  Our job (another reason we like to talk to you) is the share with you all the different options based on 1) product choice 2) your artwork 3) your budget.  On apparel we offer screen print; embroidery, heat seal; lasered; sublimation, and full custom design.  On promotional products we offer (just to name a few) screen print; laser; deboss; emboss; sublimation; full color process; digital printing; and the list goes on...  There are new ways to design and decorate coming out all the time.  It’s our job to keep up on the latest and greatest and share those with our clients!

What if an order delivers and it’s wrong?

We have an internal quality control process that’s designed to help prevent this from happening.  Although it’s very rare, the reality is that sometimes, it’s still going to happen.  So if your order arrives and there is something wrong, CALL US IMMEDIATELY!  Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction.  We understand that mistakes happen, but we understand even more that how we take care of it matters just as much!  We will work as quickly as possible to resolve and get you all fixed up.

What does PMS and EPS mean?  

If we ask you for your PMS color, we are asking you to provide us a number that identifies the EXACT color of your brand.  PMS stands for Pantone Matching System.  It’s a universal color matching formula system that allows brands to match their exact color every time their logo is printed.  The color on your monitor may be very different than the color coming off the presses.  That’s why a PMS color is critical in design.  EPS refers to the kind of art format we require for many of our decorators.  EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript.  High quality printing requires high-quality art files.  If you don’t have an .eps file when you’re ordering, that’s okay, just let us know and we can create it for you.

Have more questions?  Send an email to leanne@visage-inc.com and she will get you the answer!