Trade show Season: Be Prepared with 10 Great Tactics

Kansas City has exceptional tradeshows, and more and more people get involved yearly.  Things have certainly grown more competitive in the last few years! Remaining competitive requires having a game-plan before the event starts and actionable items that your consumers can engage with.  Following are ten good tactics that will help make your booth more interesting and profitable than it's ever been. 

1.    Tradeshow Badges

Planning Ahead: More than just Calendars!

Planning ahead and knowing what is coming up on your schedule is so important, especially in today’s go-go-go world. With professionals both inside of your company and clients counting on you, having a clear understanding of your calendar and daily activities is vital. Sure, your phone probably has a nice little application, so you can pull it out and check when you're on the go. That is great in the short term, and smartphones really have helped aid in modern business, but it doesn't offer you a constant reminder.

Top Brands for Your Products

Logo branding is an effective way of advertisement because it brings high impact without seeming pushy towards clients and coworkers.  Giving someone an item that casually reminds them of your products or services is a great way to give them positive regard for what your business does.  It's passive advertisement that doesn't assail the potential client with calls to purchase. 

Creative Promotional Products for Any Season!

The air has a chill, days are shorter and the vibrant red leaves are blanketing the ground.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Soon we will all be sitting around a big table, filling ourselves with turkey, stuffing and pies with football cheers in the background.  Santa and snowmen will be here before you know it and the world will be covered in white!  Wintery weather will have everyone searching for cheer!  This is any marketers dream time of the year and promotional products are what you need!  

Winter Promotional Marketing Items

Winter is not too far away and you know what that means? Time to think about holiday gifts! Everyone is packing in their Fall gear and preparing for the season change. With the holiday party and gift season not too far away, the time is now to start thinking about your marketing materials for the holidays and first quarter 2016!

'Tis the season to party!

Keep Your Office Organized

Finding it hard to juggle all of your meetings, appointments and after work activities? You’re not alone! Fortunately for you, there are organizers to help keep your life in order so you never miss a beat! From leather bound binders to post-it notes, we’ve got you covered to help take the stress away and keep you as productive as possible.


Order custom leather binders to give to your favorite clients for a lasting impression or give them away at holiday parties, the possibilities are endless!

Summer Gift And Favor Items

Change is in the air! With warmer weather on the way, it’s time to shift to a summer focus for marketing materials and giveaways! From the conference room to the corporate getaways, we have some great ways you can maximize your marketing efforts during the summer months.

Take advantage of community events