Why Rush? Sending Client Gifts in January

‘Tis the season for client gift-giving. The cards, chocolate, toffees and popcorn tins build up on the secretary’s desk. Senders of gifts hope that their presents can break through the Christmas clutter to make a good impression. The truth is that December is way too high volume for your client gift to get the proper attention it deserves. Here are 4 reasons why you should save the stress and your dollar until January for your client gifts:

What are running charges?

At Visage we like to think of our clients as partners. They come to us with a need, and we help them solve it. We offer our clients solutions to their marketing and promotional needs, but on top of that, one of our goals is also to educate them.

Pricing can sometimes be complicated in the promotional materials world. Running charges can often feel like unnecessary, annoying charges, and as the client, you may have a difficult time understanding WHY they are necessary.

Welcome! 10 Reasons Why Working with Visage is the Best

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Visage Inc. is pleased to announce that we will be starting a blog on our site. This post is expected to be the first in a long series of a dedicated, industry relevent, entries. Check back soon for our first entry!