5 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products That Are Sure to Be a Hit

Eco-Friendly products

If you’re looking for an effective marketing idea that will shake up your sales for the upcoming season, a promotional product or two may be just the thing you need. Promotional products have been proven as some of the most effective marketing materials for businesses. They are tangible, convenient, and useful products that when selected carefully, can really make an impact on your target market.

The real value in a promotional product lies when your customers use your product frequently. It’s no longer just a product, but something similar to a billboard, with the added benefit of social proof. New customers may see your brand and logo for the first time, but friends of your current customers will also view it as an endorsement or recommendation.  The key is to give them something they can really use. You want to find something that your target audience relates to and appreciates!

Go Green

Choosing an environmentally conscious promotional product not only resonates with your audience, but will likely lead to frequent reuse by your customers. Research has actually proven that consumers prefer to do business with companies that give back, and there’s certainly no better way to give back than to care about the environment we live in. While there are tons of eco-friendly ideas out there, these five are our most affordable, practical, and unique promotional product options to help you stand out from the competition.

Eco-friendly products that will be a hit this summer

1.  Collapsible Plastic Lunch Bowl

Everyone eats lunch (or at least they should) so what better way to promote your brand than to consider investing in collapsible plastic lunch bowls. Their compact sizes make them great for saving space in the kitchen cabinets or the lunch bag. Since they’re BPA free, they’re great for the environment and safe for microwaving. Oh, and they’ll replace those wasteful disposable bowls for picnics or snacks outdoors.

2.  Collapsible Water Bottle

Though it’s vital to drink water year-round, the summer time seems to make people a lot thirstier than usual. Of course, your customers want to drink more water without wasting money and plastic by drinking bottled water. That’s why a branded water bottle is such a great promotional item for your customers.  Not just any water bottles, however, collapsible water bottles. They keep your water cool, are BPA free, and also collapse to save space.

3.  Tumbler with a Lid

If you’re looking for a promotional product that can be used year-round you might consider choosing a tumbler with a lid. These cups are great for car cup holders and can keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks hot. So whether your target audience likes water, juice, coffee, or tea, they’re good to go. Tumblers can become staples on desks at work and conversation starters around the water cooler.

4.  Eco-Friendly Note Pad

Taking notes is a great way to retain information during meetings, lectures or presentations. They can even come in handy when making a grocery or to-do list. But all of that paper can feel wasteful. But rest easy with this eco-friendly scratch pad. The paper is made with 30% post-consumer material.

5.  Eco-Friendly Golf Tees

Golfing is a popular way of enjoying summer months and the great outdoors, but it isn’t the most eco-friendly sport. Anyone who has spent any time on the links knows that broken and split tees end up left all over the course. Some plastic tees can even be damaging to the environment. These eco-friendly tees, however, are made of a bio-degradable plastic, so you don’t have to worry when you hit your tee shot and can’t find the tee. You can even put your brand on the bag, making these the perfect giveaways for golf tournaments or that business meeting out on the course.