Five Winter Promotional Products To Keep Your Customers Cozy

Winter is on its way, which means it is time for warm promotional products to protect your customers from the cold. Here are five products we offer at Visage Inc. that your customers will absolutely love when it comes time to face the snow and frigid temperatures.

Winter PromosEveryone Needs a Good ¼ Zip

This cozy pullover  from Sport-Tek was designed for comfort. It is perfect for outdoor exercise like jogging or hiking in the winter. The polyester fleece material is extra durable while maintaining the usual warmth and comfort of traditional fleece. This pullover is available in nine different colors, maximizing your options. It is also unisex and available in a wide variety of sizes. The Sport-Tek Fleece ¼ Zip Pullover is perfect for anyone whether they need something to wear during outdoor exercise, or simply need something warm to wear from day to day. This pullover will surely be a must-have for your customers.

Wrap Up in a Warm Scarf

This scarf is perfect for any sports lover. Whether your customer is attending a football game in freezing temperatures, or a hockey match in a chilly arena, they will sure to be content in our Sport-Tek Spectator Scarf. These scarves offer a wide variety of color options. Even customers who are not sports fans will love wearing this scarf when it starts to snow. If you are looking for inexpensive marketing, these scarves are an amazingly affordable option, especially when bought in bulk.

Keep Your Head Cozy

A warm hat is crucial to keeping ears warm during the harsh winter months. The Port & Company Beanie Hat comes in a huge selection of colors, along with the option of having a contrasting trim. Like the scarves, these hats offer you another inexpensive marketing opportunity. Everyone needs to keep their ears warm when it gets chilly, and these hats can provide that comfort to your customers. You could even pair these hats with the scarves for a warm, wintery combo that still doesn’t break the bank.

Bundle Up in a Blanket

This cozy blanket is another product geared towards winter sporting events. The Gildan DryBlend Stadium Blanket will definitely help keep your sports-loving customers warm while they cheer on their favorite teams. It’s made with a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton. This blanket is not only comfortable, but it was made to last. The blanket is 50”x60”, perfect for couples who want to get snuggled up under one blanket. Lastly, just because it is a stadium blanket doesn’t mean it has to be reserved for sports fans. Anyone would be happy having this warm blanket on hand at home!

Nothing Like a Hot Drink

These stylish mugs can be a great tool for marketing at your next promotional event! They can hold up to 12 oz. of liquid and are FDA approved. A mug with your company’s logo on it is perfect for winter promotions. Your customers will definitely enjoy being able to sidle up to some hot chocolate, tea, or coffee in their mug after facing winter elements. After all, there’s nothing quite like sipping a hot beverage while watching the snow fall through a window. Europa Mugs are available in a wide variety of solid colors and can be imprinted to a wide range of specifications.

Start Ordering Your Winter Products Today

Even though it is only fall, now is the best time to order your winter promotional products. This way, when the winter comes knocking, you will be ready!

We at Visage Inc. are experienced in helping companies create brand awareness and increase their marketing penetration. We have many products available that can be custom imprinted with your company’s logo or anything else you want. We now offer online ordering, meaning you can start shopping right now and be ready for winter in no time!