How To Be the Talk of Your Trade Show

Trade Show items


It still may be early in the holiday season, but are you ready for trade show season? For many industries, the planning and budgeting phase for trade shows begins now, even if the shows themselves don’t come for a few more months.

Don’t you want to be the talk of your upcoming trade show? Getting an early jump on trade show promotional items and giveaways now will give you the extra planning and production time necessary to really stand out on the crowded trade show floor. With the right products and giveaways, you can have people throughout the event asking your visitors “where’d you get that?” Here are some great promotional item ideas that will get people flocking to your booth.

The Essentials

Sometimes the most successful promotional items to give away at a trade show are the least flashy. These are the tools trade show attendees always need but often forget, leading to a mad scramble to find the nearest replacement.

Pens are the go-to promotional item for many trade show exhibitors, and for good reason. Pens may seem boring, but everyone needs them, particularly when going booth to booth at a trade show. Add some versatility to your pen offering with this Illuminate 4-In-1 Highlighter Stylus Pen with Light. The classic, professional styling is perfect for professional events, and it will even allow your attendees to write in darker exhibit halls.

Of course, a pen isn’t as useful without something to write on. Simple scratch pads can be a lifesaver at a trade show. At Visage, Inc. we have countless shapes and style options to choose from. Of course, you can take it a step further with this Leather Look Portfolio. It holds a scratch pad, sticky notes and even flags! Your visitors will love it not only because it will be at the show when they need it, but also will help them keep their desk organized when they get back to the office.


Over the Shoulder

When you’re going from booth to booth and collecting all sorts of promotional items, you’re eventually going to run out of pockets (if you had any to begin with!) What do you do when you run out of storage space?

That’s why a simple storage or tote bag can be such a huge boon at your next trade show. Not only will they be in high demand throughout the trade show, but bags that feature your logo will be carried everywhere on the trade show floor. Unlike T-Shirts that won’t be worn until after the event, bags are a great way to have your logo shown off during the show.

There are tons of style, shape and color options to choose from.  Our favorite is this non-woven messenger tote with Velcro® closure. The non-woven material is great for continued use at home or at the grocery store, and the over the shoulder design leaves your hands free to shake hands at booths and collect even more trade-show swag. It also comes in versatile black or three other vibrant colors.

Networking for Pros

Of course, trade shows are just as much about networking as they are about the showroom floor. Have you ever gone to an after-the-show happy hour and realized you forgot your business cards? Well, this handy, adhesive Lycra Card Sleeve will keep a handful of your business cards (along with any necessary credit cards or hotel room keys) with the one item you’ll never forget: you phone!

Of course, often the most popular events at trade shows are the happy hours, and the most popular businesses are the sponsors of those events. Whether you’re hosting the event or just attending, even a simple stadium cup can be a popular way to remind guests of your business while they enjoy themselves. Remember, just because the trade show doors have closed doesn’t mean you’re out of opportunities to make an impact.

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