Planning Ahead: More than just Calendars!

Planning ahead and knowing what is coming up on your schedule is so important, especially in today’s go-go-go world. With professionals both inside of your company and clients counting on you, having a clear understanding of your calendar and daily activities is vital. Sure, your phone probably has a nice little application, so you can pull it out and check when you're on the go. That is great in the short term, and smartphones really have helped aid in modern business, but it doesn't offer you a constant reminder. With a visual calendar, you have the date and all the upcoming events clearly mapped out. This way, whenever you sit at your desk, turn away from the computer monitor or write in something new, you're always reminded of other activities coming up. With the beginning of a new year, having a brand new calendar is the perfect, low cost investment for both you and possible associates. So, whether you want to hold onto the calendar yourself or provide it to clients as a professional gift featuring your logo, there is something for everyone. 

The Perpetual Calendar

If you're giving out calendars to clients, wouldn't it be nice if they had something you knew they'd hold onto for longer than a year? After all, it places your name and advertisement inside their office, kitchen, home bedroom or wherever else they keep a calendar. A perpetual calendar provides you with exactly this kind of benefit. The calendar comes with a colorful slide window, allowing you to adjust the slider to perfectly fit what day the first of the month falls on. It looks great, is beautifully constructed and can sit anywhere, without taking up too much space. It is also much more eco friendly as the perpetual calendar doesn't take up as much paper since it can be used for years. 

Magnetic Calendars

Sometimes you just don't want to work at changing the date, so moving the viewing window on the perpetual calendar just isn't the way to go. A calendar magnet that fixes right on the refrigerator. Having an easy to access calendar in the kitchen can really help out. Maybe you receive a phone call and need to write down something important while cooking dinner, so running upstairs to the home office just is not something that will work. With a calendar magnet, you don't have that kind of problem at all. This also makes it a fantastic gift to clients and customers. The kitchen is one of the most used areas in the house, and with your calendar placed on their fridge, they always see your logo and branded pictures every single time they grab something to eat or drink. It's hard to buy that kind of advertising, yet you can give it away as a gift. With several different options to choose from, you can find exactly the kind of calendar magnet that works best for you or for your customers. 


It really doesn't matter if you still use a mouse with an optical tracking ball inside the bottom or if it is laser guided, when using the mouse on a regular surface, it can still have a few issues where it does not track properly. A mouse pad can really help, not to mention give a home for the mouse itself. The only problem here, is if you need to write down a note, you need to reach around the mouse pad and try to scribble it down while leaning over the desk. With a MousePaper calendar, that isn't a problem at all. In fact, you can scribble your notes and write down activities right on the pad. You don't need to worry about smudging the writing thanks to the kind of paper it is on, and it won't leave ink marks on the mouse. It is also a fantastic, eco friendly product that not only you but your clients are surely going to love as well. After all, your workspace doesn't need any more clutter. It is much easier to work and accomplish your tasks when you don't feel overwhelmed with clutter. The MousePaper provides you with exactly what you're looking for and it is an excellent gift for giving out to clients. 

Having a personal, continuously visible calendar in front of you is so important. It reminds you of what is coming up and is always there. So, whether you are looking for calendars to give out at work, to use for yourself or to hand out to customers and clients, these are a few of the fantastic options at your disposal.