Promotional Products That Do Good

How can a promotional product do something positive for your community? At Visage, Inc., we’re always looking for ways to use our services to improve our world and the lives of people of Kansas City and the world. That’s why we go out of our way to help non-profit organizations promote themselves, and partner with businesses that have a positive mission to help those around them.

That’s why we started working with GOEX services a few years ago. Their mission is pretty cool, providing living-wage screen printing jobs to families at risk of sending their children to orphanages. This is a philosophy they call orphan prevention. They try to eliminate the fear of financial insecurity for many needy new parents in Kansas City.

Well, it was a match made in heaven. GOEX provides great screen-printing services and we needed screen printers we can trust. Their positive mission for less fortunate families of Kansas City was just an added benefit. Check out this short video with an overview of our partnership.

Promo products That Do Good video

For more information on GOEX, visit here.

Video Transcript

“GOEX Services is a division of a non-profit company called the Global Orphan Project based in Parkville, MO. The Global Orphan Project is a ministry that was founded and continues to have a primary mission of supporting orphaned and abandoned kids. We support about 125 orphanages in about 20 countries.

One of the main reasons why kids end up in orphanages is because they’re economic orphans. Mom and Dad cannot find a job that pays enough to care for the child. Our solution to that is finding dignified work for those people to prevent kids from ending up in orphanages in the first place. It is generally referred to as orphan prevention.

The first phase of that was to establish a manufacturing facility in Haiti that manufactures T-Shirts and other apparel. Once the T-shirts are manufactured, they are then shipped to the United States. We would then need to decorate them and send them to an end user.

We do print our own shirts and ship to some of our larger, nationwide customers. But in order to support the infrastructure of having a full-capability screen print shop, we identify companies like Visage that have a need for some T-shirt screen printing, but also has a heart for the facility we have in Kansas City that also pays a living wage.

Working with companies like Visage who has a heart for what we’re trying to do, and they’re supporting our industry by allowing us to provide that work for them.

I share my story like I’ve just shared today with a lot of people, and there are some people it really resonates with, some people that kind of get it, understand it and connect with it. And there are some that don’t. What set Leanne apart when we originally approached her was that she understood, she got it. What I’ve found in initially talking with her is that our mission really resonated with her, our mission was really kind of a differentiating factor.

We’re working with very strategic people, not just anyone and everyone. Very strategic people, like Visage, who understand our mission, are supporting our mission by buying our T-shirt screen print services as opposed to another company here locally that doesn’t have a mission. So by Visage buying screen print services from us, it’s helping us establish a foundational business in Kansas City that in turn supports our mission in Haiti.”