The Visage Inc. Advantage

One of the things we take great pride in here at Visage is our attention to our customers. In a world that is increasingly turning to online-only sources and computer programs to complete every task, we feel like our promotional items stand out because they are so personal. We have taken that same approach with our customer service.

Our team is why our customers keep coming back year after year. We call it the Visage Advantage. We work with you to get the best promotional product for your company, whether it be the latest and greatest item to get people talking about your brand at your next trade show, or the perfect shirt to reward your employees. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what several of our customers have to say.

The Visage Advantage

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Here’s the transcript for the video:

Starla: “I first got started with Visage about 3 ½ to 4 years ago.”

Lori: “About 18 months now.”

Janet: “A little over nine years.”

Brooke: “For about two years.”

Meghan: “For a year and a half.”

Michelle: “10 years.”

Katie: “The last six months.”

Mary: “and so it started last year, and it has just grown into a great working relationship.”

Lori: “Everybody is super nice here. [Visage, Inc.] has got a great staff. They’re very personable and down to Earth and easy to work with.”

Starla: “Carrie is just a fun person and easy to work with and always has great ideas. So, yeah, I love working with her.

Janet: “The friendliness. Every time I call, everybody in this office, from Leanne to everyone she hires, is very friendly, very helpful. They’re pleasant.”

Michelle: “Carrie gives personalized attention. She already kind of knew what we were looking for, so it was easy for her to pick things that fit with our community.”

Mary: “It’s been amazing, and Amy has been so responsive.”

Meghan:“Visage is really good, and Carrie is really good. I don’t have to wait days to hear back or weeks to get samples. I think companies nowadays can get very overwhelmed, and so that’s one thing that’s been awesome about them is it’s always a quick response where as I’ve found with other companies sometimes that’s not always the case.”

Brooke: “Whatever you need, whatever you want, I’m here. And that’s what Visage has done, it’s ‘Whatever you need, whatever you want, how can I help?’ Anytime, any place.”

Lori: “Sometimes I’m calling [Visage, Inc.] and saying ‘What’s the popular thing out there?’ Because I’m always going to trade shows, and you want to have the most up-to-date thing or gadget or chotskie that people are looking for. So sometimes I call Leanne and ask ‘What’s the trend out there? What are people looking for?’ and she can provide those for me.

Brooke:“You know what you want, but you have no idea what you want it to look like, ‘I can take care of that. I will get you there!’”

Mary:“We wanted to do a superhero cape for our little ones that come in and are new to the school. We give them to all of the Kindergarten kids last year and all of the Montessori students. It was the biggest hit.”

“You know, I think I’ve asked them for the weirdest things and [Visage, Inc.] comes through every time.”

Starla:“It was great. Our sponsor loved it. All of our guests loved it. So this year we’re on the hunt for something new and exciting to even beat that one. Because once you have something that everybody loves it’s hard, so I told Carrie she’s got her work cut out for her this year.”

Janet:“They get the job done. When I need something, they seem to turn it around. They get it done quickly, and they pay attention, really good attention to the details.”

Katie: “I think what stands out in my mind is that they truly are experts, but they also are true partners. They want to understand what your goals are, and have your best interest in mind as the client. Not only you as the client, but also your end client. Who are the people who are going to be receiving these products and what do you hope to accomplish with that? They’re professionals, they’re fun, they’re amazing to work with.”

Mary: “It’s been a very lovely experience, for sure.”

Starla: “And so that’s why I just wouldn’t look anywhere else.”