Welcome to Visage-Inc!

Visage, Inc. is a privately owned, promotional merchandise company that assists clients in creating brand awareness and increasing market penetration in unique ways. The following factors distinguish Visage from other promotional companies and make us one-of-a-kind within our industry.

  • Boutique Environment for clients with heavy hitter buying power with vendors
  • Creative drive with persistence and determination to come up with best solutions for our clients
  • Personal Touch is what Visage has built its reputation on.  We don’t strive to win the job, we strive to create a partnership with our clients and become a trusted advisor.
  • Response time is something we believe separates us from the masses.  It’s imperative for us to provide our clients with quick turnarounds, immediate responses, and peerless customer service.  
  • Attitude Matters.  The icon in our logo is the letter “A”.  It represents attitude because at Visage we believe in being kind, courteous and respectful to everyone, every day.  Our clients always have a great experience when working with us.  Just ask them.

Welcome! 10 Reasons Why Working with Visage is the Best

Welcome welcome everyone to Visage Inc.'s brand new blog! We are thrilled you are here.

We want to reach out to you, our clients and friends, and provide you even more value in your quest to make your business unique and memorable. That's what this blog is all about. We plan to share a new post with you about once a month, and hopefully you will find it entertaining, fun, and most importantly, useful for you and your business!

Starting a blog!

Visage Inc. is pleased to announce that we will be starting a blog on our site. This post is expected to be the first in a long series of a dedicated, industry relevent, entries. Check back soon for our first entry!